Unconventional 100% plant based

Another banging award for our top tasting banger!

award for our top tasting banger

Hot Diggity Dawg! Our delicious Unconventional plant-based hot dog style sausages have only gone and won an award! Not just 1, but 2 stars in the 2023 Great Taste Awards. 
Here’s some of the amazing comments that were made by the judges; 
“It looks good in colour, with a realistic skin, one of the best-looking sausages of the day and certainly a true ‘hot dog’ in style.” 
“This has a good, hearty, Germanic sausage appearance and texture. As a hot dog sausage this is an excellent alternative and the judges would happily grab a gherkin to munch alongside this. The producers have succeeded in creating a believable, authentic, chunky meat-alternative hot dog.” 
The people have spoken, and they are not called the “Great Taste Awards” for no reason. 
Need more convincing? Get in touch and we’ll send you a sample to taste test yourself?