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Unconventional Burger named best Plant Based Burger in the World (again!)

worlds 10 best plant-based burgers

Have you read the news??? We’ve only gone and done it again!!!

abillion has announced that the Unconventional Burger has been voted the World’s Number 1 plant-based burger for the 2nd year running!!!

The article on abillion says “There’s a reason why this burger has been crowned the best vegan burger in the world for two years in a row. Unconventional has truly redefined plant-based comfort food with their moist and flavourful patty, crafted with love and expertise.”

At Unconventional HQ we’ve been doing a happy dance since we found out. Check out this link and drop us a line if you haven’t experienced the Unconventional #Tasteadventure yet…

Seriously, if you need to stimulate your plant based sales then Unconventional is a must stock award winning range with proven consumer satisfaction.

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